Summary of changes so you don't have to dig through and analyze edit logs.

2019-06-??: Complete stats tools rewrite, added a couple new games (sorry, forgot which ones), frequency lists are on github now. Also updated the Narou stats.

2018-07-19: BIG change to how freqlist target stats are calculated, ignores a certain number of uncovered words now, affects the custom complexity metric measurements as well, fixes a bunch of weird oddities the stats had before

2018-07-10: added hatsuyuki sakura, rewrite+, ouka sabaki, jikaijikake no eve, harumade kururu, natsukumo yururu, buraban, summer pockets, and the shin koihime eiyuutan games

2018-06-22: added shin koihime musou kakumei 1, monobeno, oniikiss, and oniikiss fd (oniikiss h)

2018-06-06: added the new custom metric to the Stats page as "custom metric a"; a metric similar to the old custom metric is listed as "custom metric b"; you can compare them with this interactive graph. also I added an Anime stats page for fun, but I will not maintain it at all

2018-06-05: experimenting on the Stats test page

2018-05-16 added ranks to the narou page and updated it

2018-05-13 fortissimo exs's stats were wrong because I was analyzing the wrong version of its script. fixed now

2018-05-13 added an example of how sampling biases frequency ranks to the frequency lists page, tl;dr: at around 30 million words the sampling is accurate to a typical deviation of +/- 2 positions at the 100th most common word, +/- 5 at the 500th, +/- 12 at the 1000th, +/- 100 at the 5000th, and so on. this is relative only to the type of work being sampled, not to the objective frequency of the word among all japanese.

2018-05-13 redumped futsuu no fantasy and added grisaia and kamikaze explorer

2018-05-12 added some new scripts to the stats (and fixed amakoi's line endings); as usual, this affects all frequency coverage and frequency target stats - some of these were hard to rip so if the stats don't make any sense just tell me

2018-04-18 updated analysis tools

2018-04-18 added amakoi

2018-04-17 added an estimate of hours taken to read based on character count, still not in the uploaded stats tools. edit: it's based on kanji/hiragana/katakana count now

2018-04-17 sjis measurement is no longer an estimate, still not in the uploaded stats tools

2018-04-16 added a sjis estimate to the stats page, not in the uploaded version of the analyzer yet

2018-04-16 added kirakira, nursery rhyme, and fortissimo exs to stats. recalculated coverages. did not update frequency list downloads yet. finally managed to statically link mecab so it runs on normal computers. updated analysis tools, minor changes.

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