Post analysis requests here. Include as much information as possible.


To anyone currently managing or contributing to the VN scripts stats site. I extracted and formatted the VN scripts for Parfait and White Album:


White Album - Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide!fZ4WnZCI!sYKxtUUgOdZ9rv6sZW8IRtLr8_gxgZ7f9uHnOexf0sA

I don't have a bash shell setup right now so someone else will have to run the analysis on those.

-- Done, thanks

For VN script anon. Now with 100% less formatting.

-- I'll work on them.

-- Added. Thanks for the donations.

Did you ever think about doing the same for LNs? Should be way easier since they are already available in text format,.

-- I considered it, but I'm not as interested in LNs as VNs. I actually tested the waters with some LNs but decided that VNs would be more interesting for me. Once I hit 100 million words in the VN set I might consider doing LNs.

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